Alphabetical by first names

Ann Bell
Art Square Studios

Bill Kalwick

Bruce Williamson

Carl Rhodes

Carlos Landan
Mongomery College

Carol Slobin

Art League of Houston

Diane Brahm

Demetrius Oliver
Rice University

Douglas Cason
University of Houston

Efim Frumin

Eric M. Jones
University of Houston

Hazel Bartram Birchenough
Cy Fair College

Hillary Page
Water Color Society

Joan Brigum
HCC Central

Jim Robertson
North Harris College

Kathy Love
Artist Alliance

Mark Cervenca
HCC Down Town

Martin Wnuk
San Jacinto South

Kay Renolds

May Gray
University of Houston Main

Michael Golden
HCC Central

Mike Stratton
Studio in the Woods

Nick Lang
Cy Fair College

Patrick Palmer

Paul Lucke
Lee College

Polly Lui
Art League of Houston

Rabe'a Ballin
University of Houston

Robert McGee
Cy Fair College

Ruth Munsen

Rix Jennings
Summer Life Drawing Classes

Ruben Coy

Scott Carothers
HCC Central

Steve Neihaus
Lee College

Steven Potter
HCC Stafford College

Sylvia Trybek

Todd Allison
San Jucinto Central

Tracy Viser
Woodland Academy of Art

Willie Wong
Life Drawing Classes
Sculpture Classes

Xin Sheng Wang
Chinese Civic Center

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