My name is Susan Meiling ... put the S in front of Meiling and you get SMEILING.

The nick name has been with me since high school ... I also had my first art class at that time.

As a child I was surrounded by an artistic environment and many trips to the Milwaukee Art Museum,

Art Festivals , Craft shops etc.

Two years out of my high school experience I enjoyed being on the Teen Board at Gimbles. We

modeled the store clothing in the stores and on the run way.

My interests were furthered at Madison Wisconsin as I studied Fashion Design then Art on to Art

Education then back to Art . After which I decided to travel out East to Michigan and then Boston

visiting family as I traveled. Finally found myself in Europe with a backpack and sketch pad always

in hand and Bible under my head for a pillow. The sketch pad was my digital camera for many a year

to come, helping me to grow through the learning stages of my artistic skills. During my travels abroad

that year I did a lot of sight seeing as I worked my way about Europe and the Mediteranian. I loved

traveling and learned much about myself and the world around me. Back in America I was for a

summer in Michigan again near Kalamazoo. Some friends invited me on a three month trip to Mexico.

Some how I found myself back in Milwaukee next and worked for a few months as a security guard

at the Milwaukee Art Museum that I had visited so often as a youngster. That fall I joined an Art

and Architecture class on trip to London England for a semester. Wow London Town what a trip...

I enjoyed it so much so that I stayed on for another year and a half as a free lance artist. Yearning for

square walls which don't happen in three hundred year old English cottages my spirit longed for a

place with fewer layers of history to entrap it. Well off to California to dry off and see some sun.

Music played in the streets of Hollywood and lured me in.... once there seamstress work then payroll

at a guitar store and extra work on sets in the acting industry consumed my time. Motherhood and

Modeling for Art Classes blossomed again after the birth of my first born ... mother and child poses

interested the artisans of L.A.. As I lived so did my painting and as I grew so did my love for my art.

Many of my works that originated over the years bear witness to my growth. My works are a flavor

of my experiences as I have grown up. Now I am modeling again ... why? ... partly because I need

someone to draw ergo my modeling web site ... this one ... has evolved out of my

Love for Art.




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